Start Your Construction Project Off Right

Hire a private utility locator before you dig in Missoula, MT or Northwest Montana

Are you planning to build a new home or commercial facility in Missoula, MT or Northwest Montana? Before you break ground, make sure you aren't going to hit any underground utility lines.

Why choose a private locator?

As a private utility locator, we can locate all underground utility lines. Unlike 811, which can only detect 60% of basic utility lines, we can produce much more thorough results. 811 covers lines up to the meter for utilities supplied by Northwestern Energy, Spectrum, MDU, and more, but is not responsible for any others you may find while digging.

Anchor Electric Contracting Corp. private utility locators can help you locate:

Water lines
Sewer lines
Storm drains
Cell sites
Power lines
Cable lines
Gas lines

Running into any of these could lead to serious injury and the need for costly repairs. But with our private utility locating services, you can break ground with confidence.

Discover what a difference our process makes. Call 406-251-3166 now to arrange for a private utility locate anywhere in Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming.

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