Alternative energy will save you money. Are your home or business energy costs are draining your bank account? Are you tired of paying your power bill?

Let our team improve efficiencies and install alternative energy resources throughout your home and business. With years of experience, we can help you reduce those energy costs throughout your budget. With our Alternative energy team, we can install a number of renewable energy systems that will put your home or business to work! It is time to have your buildings work as hard as you do.

Our Alternative Energy Department offers:

Free solar energy evaluations
Full solar array design
Off-grid solar installs
Batteries of all sizes and types
Generators available
Grid-tied and hybrid solar systems
Warrantied for up to 25 years
Service contracts for new and existing solar arrays
Access to State and Federal tax credits
Grant options for all types of homes and businesses
Financing Available
Online monitoring for your alternative energy system
Wind and Hydro Power options available
New build or remodel design options
Energy efficiency improvements
LED lighting retrofits for any application
Only American made products
Licensing for residential, commercial, and industrial projects

Our commercial electrical services are listed here.